How does seeking asylum work at the US border?

After weeks of travel across Mexico by bus, freight train and foot, more than 150 migrants from Central America — part of a caravan that has gained international attention — await their turn to apply for asylum at the Southern US border. Just how does the process work?


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Patroling the border with Mexico

The US-Mexico border crossing near San Diego is one of the frontlines in the battle against illegal immigration. KPBS reporter Ruxandra Guidi brings us the story of one US Customs and Border Protection official who patrols the San Ysidro port of entry.

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Psychological impact of Mexico's drug war

Since the start of President Felipe Calderón drug war in 2006, more than 35,000 people have been killed, countless thousands more remain unaccounted for, many missing for years. Myles Estey reports from Tijuana on the psychological impact of violence.