Tel Aviv

Conflict & Justice

Israel and Hamas seem to be moving toward all-out war

Violence has been rising over the last two weeks as Israel and Hamas reacted to the killing of four teenagers — one Palestinian and three Israelis. Today, Israel launched an offensive against the Hamas-run Gaza Strip that it is calling Operation Protective Edge, in response to rocket attacks against Israeli cities and towns.

Conflict & Justice

Bring back our boys, whoever they are

Israel has unleashed its biggest offensive against Palestinians in the West Bank in more than a decade in hopes of finding three Israeli teens they say were kidnapped by Hamas. And Israeli activists are also taking the fight online using the hashtag #BringBackOurBoys.

Global Scan

In Ukraine, telling the sides apart isn't always easy

Ukraine continues to try and find a way out of its political confrontation, but on Friday, police blundered into more trouble. They attacked a bus full of pro-government activists, mistaking them for the anti-government kind. Plus, an historic fireplace was discovered in Israel and, in the Pacific, a man comes ashore after spending, he says, 16 months at sea, in today's Global Scan.