The Iran accord is going to change everything

Iran is the world’s most misunderstood country. It has been cut off from the West for decades, and during that period much of the world press, with limited access, has joined to demonize it. But after the US and five other world powers signed a landmark accord with Iran, misconceptions are beginning to erode, writes author Stephen Kinzer.

Arts, Culture & Media

Linking Havana, Tehran and Seattle through art, posters

A design show featuring poster artists from Seattle, Havana and Tehran opens Labor Day weekend at the Bumbershoot Festival. The show will later travel to Tehran and then Havana. The curators have jokingly titled the collection of posters, the “SHT show” because, they write, when the get together it’s fun — "no politics, no prejudices — just an appreciation of our common interests."


Iran releases American hiker Sarah Shourd

President Barack Obama has welcomed Iran's release of American Sarah Shourd and said he remained hopeful that Tehran would demonstrate �renewed compassion� by freeing her companions. Lisa Mullins talks with Iran expert Haleh Esfandiari.

Conflict & Justice

Dorothy Parvaz Released

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with the Fred Parvaz, father of Dorothy Parvaz, the Al-Jazeera journalist who was released Wednesday from detention in Tehran's Evin prison. She was sent to Iran in April from Syria where she had tried to report on the protests.