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Linking Havana, Tehran and Seattle through art, posters

A design show featuring poster artists from Seattle, Havana and Tehran opens Labor Day weekend at the Bumbershoot Festival. The show will later travel to Tehran and then Havana. The curators have jokingly titled the collection of posters, the “SHT show” because, they write, when the get together it’s fun — "no politics, no prejudices — just an appreciation of our common interests."

Hopes high for latest round of nuclear talks between Iran, western government

There were positive signs heading into Iran's latest talks with the United States and other nations about its nuclear enrichment program. It seems to be willing to make some compromises in an effort to resolve what has been a years-long diplomatic stand-off. But will it be enough, in the right places, to actually forge a deal. Probably not this time, but maybe sooner, rather than later.