Global Politics

Clinton vs. Palin? Not so much.

If you think Senator Hillary Clinton is going to be involved in any kind of political cat fight with Sarah Palin, you should think again. As Clinton continues to stump for the Obama campaign this week, she is making little mention of John McCain's VP pick.


Does pro football cause brain injury?

Scientists are announcing findings of an investigation into brain injury in one former NFL player that is part of a still controversial body of evidence that may link professional football to brain damage.

Conflict & Justice

Hollering, American-Style

In town hall meetings across the country, high emotions have been getting more attention than health care reform. To understand the habit of yelling, The Takeaway talks to Philip Dalton, Hofstra University professor of speech and communications.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Your Economic Picture

The Takeaway is looking at the economic picture of ordinary people. Joining us is Catherine Rampell, editor of the New York Times Economix blog, and to three people struggling to find or hold onto a job: Cliff Hagedon, Francine Morin, and Liz Gold.