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Bosnia war victim identified

Reporter Matt Sepic reports that a DNA sample from a Bosnian refugee in Missouri helped authorities identify the body of the man's father; he was killed during the war in Bosnia and was buried in a mass grave.

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Smoking in Bosnian community

Adam Allington reports that local health authorities in the St. Louis, Missouri, area have launched a "smoking cessation" campaign aimed at Bosnian immigrants, as members of that community tend to smoke more than the general US population.

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Health Care Reform Leaves the Hill

The debate over the future of American health care rages on. For a view from the Hill as well as the heartland, The Takeaway is joined by Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich and public radio reporters Adam Allington and Michael Puente.

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Hollering, American-Style

In town hall meetings across the country, high emotions have been getting more attention than health care reform. To understand the habit of yelling, The Takeaway talks to Philip Dalton, Hofstra University professor of speech and communications.