Will climate change kill the winter Olympics?

If climate change goes as predicted, it is going to get harder and harder to find cities with the weather and infrastructure to successfully host the winter Olympics. And as winter retreats around the world, will people still even care about the winter games?

Global Scan

If there are no gays, Mr. Mayor, why the gay bars?

The Winter Oylmpics are just days away and people are still considering how Russia's social and political situation will influence the games. In Sochi, where the games are being held, the town's mayor asserted that gay people are welcome at the games, provided they follow the country's strict laws, but they won't find any local gay people. That claim was quickly disproven. That story and more in today's Global Scan.


Sochi says goodbye to its Soviet era and hello to a modern Olympics

Reporter Julia Barton went to Sochi two years ago to check on the preparations for the Winter Games. Now that the games are in less than two weeks, she's traveled back to the city. Barton said there's been an explosion of construction in Sochi. But she's also noticed many empty skyscrapers and shopping malls, like "high-end ghost towns.