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I swear to uphold the US Constitution ... upon my Kindle

When someone takes an oath of office, the idea has been to take a vow on something with permanence, not something you upgrade every few years. Not anymore. And Indian women are flocking to a new film with a feminist message, while Japanese workers are being pressed to take vacations, in today's Global Scan.


What deteriorating air quality looks like around the world

The Chinese government announced Monday that it plans to take more than five million vehicles off the road to improve air quality, including 330,000 cars in Beijing. This announcement comes only weeks after the World Health Organization announced that only 12 percent of cities reporting on air quality meet their standards for safe levels. With the help of our newsroom designers, we put together a list of places recently affected by deteriorating air quality and incidents of smog.

Global Scan

How do you capture a drug kingpin without firing a shot?

Over the weekend, US and Mexican officials teamed up to capture one of the Mexico's most notorious drug kingpins, El Chapo of the Sinaloa cartel. And they did it without firing a single shot. Meanwhile, all the gunfire and violence in Ukraine finally forced its president from power and into hiding, but his time is running out. That and more, in today's Global Scan.


China passes Japan as second largest economy

Last night, China took a major economic leap: it is now the world's second largest economy, behind only the United States. We talk with David Barboza, Shanghai business correspondent for The New York Times about the milestone.