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A French chef's love letter to Brittany

Chef Dominique Crenn, owner of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, is from Brittany. It's a place she holds dear and describes as very rustic, very raw. She says it's like a painting: It's cold, it's windy, it could be rainy at times — it's life in itself, nature in itself. There is nothing manicured about it.


Despite big efforts, the US is still a major consumer of illegal elephant ivory

Anti-poaching advocates have tried all manner of ways to get people to stop purchasing illegal animal products, from celebrity ads to staged, public destruction of ivory caches. In June 2015, the US government made a very public display of crushing a ton in front of thousands of onlookers in Times Square. Yet poachers are still finding a market for illegal ivory on American streets, thanks to the US’s confusing and hard-to-enforce poaching laws.


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Alleged California Kidnapper Arraigned

Phillip Gorrido was arraigned last week for kidnapping then-11-year-old Jaycee Dugard, keeping her hostage in his backyard, and sexually assaulting her for 18 years. Joining The Takeaway with more is Ravi Peruman, reporter for KGO radio in San Francisco.