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California's budget delay sets a new record

The California state legislature is late in approving the state's latest budget -? as of today, 70 days late. Typically, this would be a minor bureaucratic matter confined to partisan squabbling in Sacramento. But Julie Small says the delay is now having human costs, with community colleges and hospitals feeling a pinch.

Health Care Reform: Young Americans

Although young people are coveted by health insurers, they're often the least likely to buy in. Joining The Takeaway for a roundtable discussion are three young people: architect Savlan Hauser, freelance journalist Nik Bonovich, and artist Golnar Adili.

Sacramento Salmon Crash

Less than a third of the King Salmon native to the Sacramento River in California made it home to spawn last spring, so fisheries managers are looking at canceling this year's season.

Stripping Carbon

California officials are busy measuring carbon output of every aspect of life so they can decide how to cut emissions to meet a new state law.