Company in Prague turns to homeless people to show city's less-seen side

Prague is a major tourist draw in Europe's Czech Republic. But, like much of Europe, the city and country have its share of economic problems, which are contributing to a rise in homelessness. But one tourism company is harnessing that and hiring the homeless as tour guides. And they have a distinctly different point of view.

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My America: John Turturro

We're wrapping up the "My America" series today, with actor, writer, and director John Turturro. Famous for his roles in movies like "Do the Right Thing," "The Big Lebowski," and the "Transformers" trilogy, Turturro's newest film is called "Passione."



Massive Animal Rescue as Floods Hit Prague Zoo

There is heavy flooding in several countries in central Europe. Parts of the Czech capital, Prague, are underwater including about half of the city's famous zoo. Anchor Marco Werman hears about an amazing animal rescue from zoo spokesman, Michal Stastny.