Global Politics

Lakay se lakay … home is home

“Si Aristide te la….” “If Aristide were here….” So started the chants in countless demonstrations on the streets of Port-au-Prince over the last seven years, since then-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was flown into exile in Africa on a US military plane.

Conflict & Justice

Haiti's political crisis continues

Haiti's election commission has invited candidates to appeal the outcome of the country's presidential election. It's an attempt to restore calm after unrest and allegations that the vote was rigged. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from Robert Fatton.


Haiti cholera death toll rises

The UN has appealed for nearly $164 million to fight a cholera outbreak in Haiti which has now claimed around 800 lives. Reporter Sabri Ben-Achour of station WAMU sent this report.


Arts, Culture & Media

Invisible Grace

A few months ago, it was impossible to move around Port-au-Prince unaware of the thousands of families still homeless after the January 2010 earthquake. Tent camps – with their tattered blue and gray tarps and make-shift structures of plywood and rusting metalware – were set up in the streets, on median strips, and in the main parks of Petion-Ville and Port-au-Prince. Men, women and children bathed in buckets in the street.


New Mountain Bike Race Planned For Haiti

Registration has opened for an elite international mountain bike race planned for January 2013. It will cover about 80 miles and involve some 10,000 feet of climbing, on rocky terrain. But what's most remarkable about this race is its location: Haiti.