PHOTOS: Hurricane Matthew's destructive path through Haiti

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti shortly after daybreak Tuesday as a Category 4 storm wreaking havoc on the Americas' poorest nation. The deadly storm, now on its way to the Bahamas after pummeling the Dominican Republic and Cuba is considered the worst storm in nearly a decade to hit the Caribbean.



Haiti aftermath: the situation on the ground

Ansel Hertz, a freelance journalist in Port-au-Prince, gives us a sense of the situation on the ground this morning. He tells us about the weakened infrastructure, the fears residents have about buildings collapsing and the tension on the streets.


Grim scene on the ground in Haiti

The situation on the ground is grim. We hear from Christina Boyle a reporter for The Daily News who landed in Port-au-Prince last night. We also talk to Takeaway contributor Femi Oke, who spent the evening with Haitian immigrants in Flatbush, Brooklyn.


Update from Haiti

BBC World Affairs Correspondent Adam Mynott spent yesterday in a hospital in Port-au-Prince. He reports on the latest situation on the ground and how food is being distributed throughout the city.

Global Politics

Special assignment in Haiti

Until recently, Haitian journalist Michele Montas was on call 24/7 for U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon. When she retired from her post, she vowed to do 'three months of nothing'. However, that was before an earthquake destroyed her home city.