Conflict & Justice

G-20 protestors clash with police

The G-20 Summit gets under way this week as Pittsburgh opens its doors to leaders from 20 of the world's largest economic powers along with the legions of protesters. For more, we speak to Mackenzie Carpenter, reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Steel City Builds Green

The G-20 will discuss climate change in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a seemingly unlikely host given its struggles to keep its economy growing and its air clean. But the city's recent clean-tech revitalization is showing the world you don't have to pollute t

Health & Medicine

Schools Gear up for Swine Flu Season

Schools across the country are preparing to inoculate their students against the H1N1 virus. Joining The Takeaway for a look at the supply of and demands for the H1N1 vaccine is Dr. Maria Simbra, medical reporter for KDKA TV in Pittsburgh.



A mumps outbreak benches some of the NHL's top players

Sidney Crosby is one of the NHL's top goal scorers, but he's also one of more than a dozen players currently sidelined with the mumps. The outbreak has led the league to give players and coaches booster shots in an effort to contain the spread of the disease.