Science, Tech & Environment

Lake Mead

Climatologist Tim Barnett talks about the troubles facing the nation's largest reservoir, Lake Mead, which is low on water due to reduced snowfall in the Rockies and the effects of climate change.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz we wanted the name of a state capital at the edge of what once was a stage-coach route known as Constellation Road. The answer is Phoenix, Arizona.

Arts, Culture & Media


French pop and rock has been mostly ridiculed in the US. Phoenix is different � Lead singer Thomas Mars tells Marco Werman the success of the French band may be due to the fact they were influenced by the right musical role models.

Conflict & Justice

McCain and Obama weigh in on affirmative-action measures

Controversial affirmative-action ballot initiatives in three states ? Nebraska, Colorado and Arizona ? are making news for the presidential candidates. Arizona senator and presidential candidate John McCain has said he supports a measure in his state that would ban the use of preferential treatment when it comes to race or gender.