New Orleans


The Mississippi: Pushed to the brink


Up and down the Mississippi River, new pressures are being put on America’s inland hydro highway, which helps deliver US goods and commodities to the rest of the world and allows trade flows to return. The strain on the river system is only becoming more acute with the impacts of climate change.


Filmmaker Margaret Brown

Margaret Brown talks to Faith about her new movie "The Order of Myths," which looks at segregation in the Mardi Gras celebrations in Mobile, Alabama.


Growing Hope in New Orleans

Will Bradshaw of Green Coast Enterprises tells Living on Earth about Project Sprout, a test plot of sunflowers in New Orleans. The sunflowers will remove heavy metals from contaminated soils and the sunflower seeds will be pressed to make biofuels.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global Hit

Anchor Lisa Mullins tells us about a new CD inspired by Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project. The album is by Iranian musician Kayhan Kalhor and the American string quartet Brooklyn Rider. The CD is called "Silent City."

Conflict & Justice

New Orleans' undocumented workers

Construction has slowed almost everywhere in the US. Everywhere, except New Orleans. One New Orleans attorney is leading the charge to help the city's new Latino work force fight for their pay. The world's Julia Kumari Drapki reports.

Global Politics

New Orleans' trailer crackdown

On July 1, 2008, the City of New Orleans started enforcing pre-Katrina zoning ordinances that prohibit people from living in trailers on private property. This push toward normalcy could backfire if it pushes residents into homelessness. The Takeaway looks at both sides of this story with a New Orleans civil rights legal advocate and a city official.