Arts, Culture & Media

Backyard innovation in Kenya

For today's Geo Quiz we are looking for a city located in between the cities of Kampala and Mombasa. Host Katy Clark takes us to the backyard of an ambitious engineer in this city who has built his own aircraft.

Global Politics

A new focus for safari tourism

Safari tourism in Africa is changing. Tracking down big game is still central, but more and more tourists are also involved with conservation and helping local communities. Correspondent Jake Warga reports.

Development & Education

Geo answer

The answer to today's Geoquiz is Nairobi, Kenya, where cell phone users are chatting up a storm following a drastic drop in cell phone rates. Anchor Marco Werman finds out more from the BBC's Josphat Makori.

Conflict & Justice

Pirate attacks reach land

Somali pirate attacks have been increasing, with the effects reaching beyond the ocean to land. Piracy is linked to a housing bubble in Nairobi, Kenya, as pirates invest in property to launder stolen money.