If you want to honk in India, you may have to pay

India's noise pollution is legendary: By some measures, India has three of the top five noisiest cities in the world. The worst offenders are on the road, and while some people complain about it, one person stepped up to the challenge of taking it on — by making honking a privilege that will literally cost you.


Women in India agitate for their right to pee

About 600 million Indians live without toilets, and women and girls bear the brunt of that shortage. While men can and do relieve themselves almost anywhere, many women must choose between scarce, dangerous public facilities or expensive pay toilets when they need to pee.


A Trinidadian immigrant reflects on her hometown of Ferguson, Missouri

Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria immigrated to the US from Trinidad 15 years ago. She settled in Ferguson, Missouri, and says she's seen the town's diversity transform. Right now, Anklesaria is teaming up with other members of the community to highlight the positive side of the small Missouri town, but she says as an immigrant, she still sees racial divisions in the US.


Conflict & Justice

Mumbai remembers

Ceremonies are being held in Mumbai to mark a year since the terrorist attacks. Marco Werman talks with Tinku Ray, who is in Mumbai for the commemoration.

Conflict & Justice

Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is the Indian state of Maharashtra, home to India's movie industry known as Bollywood. Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with Harshita Kohli, an entertainment reporter.

Global Politics

Obama wraps up India visit

President Obama spent the last day of his visit to India in the capital Delhi. It's been a fruitful visit for the President with trade deals worth billions of dollars tied up which would create thousands of jobs in the US. The BBC's Tinku Ray reports.

Global Politics

India: the fallout continues

Adam Mynott talks to John Hockenberry about the fallout from the Mumbai attacks. Mynott reports from the largest railway station in Mumbai, the scene at the greatest death toll on Wednesday. But today, Mynott says the people are getting back to work.

Pakistan's reaction to the attack on Mumbai

While the world is still reeling from last week's attacks on Mumbai, questions remain as to who and why. Many fingers point to a Pakistan-based terrorist group, and tensions in the region are running high as Pakistan denies involvement.

Lessons learned from Mumbai

Last week's terrorist attack on Mumbai was unsettling and partially exposed the vulnerability of one of the world's largest growing cities. Could the violent acts actually strengthen counter-terrorism strategies in the U.S.?

India wants answers from Pakistan

'The blame game started even before anybody know who was involved and what they were doing and where they came from.' ?Shaheen Shebai on Indo - Pakistani relations