A 'Happy' song in India has a complicated backstory

India now allows people to self-identify as "third gender" on official forms. But Hijras, a quasi-religious order of transgender women, remain a stigmatized group on the whole. A new all-Hijra band is setting out to change that with two highly-produced singles.


Health & Medicine

India mood

Anchor David Baron speaks with MJ Akbar, an independent journalist and author about a mood of fear and anger in India in the wake of the Mumbai attacks.

Conflict & Justice

Mumbai in the aftermath

People in Mumbai went back to work today. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with reporter Nikhil Dixit about how the city is coping in the aftermath of last week's deadly attacks. Dixit is a crime reporter for the "Daily News and Analysis" newspaper in Mumbai.

Global Politics

India demands Pakistani action

The World's Matthew Bell reports on continuing tensions between India and Pakistan over the Mumbai attacks last week, and suspected links between the attackers and militant groups based in Pakistan.

Global Politics

Rice visits India

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was in New Delhi, India today. Secretary Rice made the trip to try to diffuse tensions between India and Pakistan. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from the BBC's Tinku Ray in New Delhi.

Conflict & Justice

New U.S. terrorism report

A new bipartisan report in Washington says that it's "likely" a weapon of mass destruction will be used in a terrorist attack within the next five years. The World's Jason Margolis has the story.

Conflict & Justice

India tightens security

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with reporter Tinku Ray about India's announcement today that it's overhauling its security system. The move is in reaction to public criticism of the government for its failure to prevent the Mumbai attacks.