Running On Straw

LOE takes a spin in a car that runs on cellulose ethanol, fuel that's made from "agricultural leftovers."

Climate Change Talks

Nations will soon meet in Montréal to try to lay out the next phase of greenhouse gas reductions. On the agenda: how to bring large developing countries, like China and India, on board to set limits on their carbon emissions.


What we can learn from Canada’s universal child care model

Having kids — it’s not cheap. Especially when you consider the cost of child care. Many women in the US say the cost makes it difficult to get ahead. But what if there were a model for universal day care? It turns out, there is such a thing — in Québec. The program is 20 years old and is an inspiration for many.


Lead levels in Montreal water comparable to Flint

A year long investigation has found that in places like Montreal, hundreds of thousands of residents may be exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water. Old pipes and a lack of testing regulations are in part to blame, said lead investigator Patti Sonntag of Concordia University.