Arabic has a Jewish dialect, and these women speak it

The Arab world used to be home to hundreds of thousands of Jews who spoke their own variants of Arabic. Today, Judeo-Arabic survives only in exile. We hear stories of language and exodus from three Judeo-Arabic speakers now living in Montreal. Plus, novelist Louie Cronin on satirizing linguistics.


Meet Canada's Godfather of African music

Club Ballatou in Montreal has long been a home for African musicians, bringing some of the continent's hottest acts to the tiny but legendary club for decades. It's all thanks to one man: Lamine Touré.


Climate Change Talks

Nations will soon meet in Montréal to try to lay out the next phase of greenhouse gas reductions. On the agenda: how to bring large developing countries, like China and India, on board to set limits on their carbon emissions.

U.S. Under Pressure at Climate Talks

Montreal hosts the United Nations Climate Change Conference ?the first official meeting since the Kyoto Protocol became law earlier this year. Living on Earth attended the gathering in which signatories to the Kyoto treaty set the protocol in motion. Many

Running On Straw

LOE takes a spin in a car that runs on cellulose ethanol, fuel that's made from "agricultural leftovers."

Reworking the Ozone Treaty to Work for Climate Change

An international treaty to limit ozone-depleting chemicals was signed into law in Montreal 23 years ago. Since then the Montreal Protocol has been adopted by every nation on earth. Organizers are hoping to take some procedures acquired in that success and


NHL Playoffs: Everybody's Got a Chance

Takeaway sports contributor, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin explains why the playoffs are so fair. Often, he says, the top-seeded teams don't make it to the finals so small town teams can actually win the trophy. It depends on the goalie, he says.