My search for Gaddafi's golden gun

When Libyan rebels celebrated the death of Muammar Gaddafi, the colonel's gold-plated pistol was held up as a symbol of their victory — I watched as they passed it among themselves. Four years on, I've been back to Libya to find the man with the golden gun.


Toyota's most loyal customers may be Libyan militias

There's such a thing as bad publicity after all: Toyota pickup trucks are a common sight on Libya's battlefield, and the company is trying to limit the kinds of trucks it sells in Libya to get its name out of the line of fire. But Libyan fighters still have plenty of ways to use their favorite pickups.


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Misrata siege continues

The Libyan port city of Misrata is still under siege. Marie Colvin, a correspondent for the Sunday Times of London, tells anchor Lisa Mullins about the chaos at the port where panicked residents have attempted to board rescue ships amid heavy shelling.

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Update from Libya

Rebels in the port city of Misrata said they took over the local airport. The European Union announced it's to open an office in Benghazi. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Maja Kocijancic, spokesperson for the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs.

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The Atrocities of Gaddafi's Troops

As Gaddafi's forces pull back from the Libyan city, Misrata, the scale of their atrocities against the civilian population is becoming clear. Anchor Lisa Mullins gets details from Marie Colvin of Britain's Sunday Times from Misrata.