Global Scan

How far will Putin go in Ukraine?

Russia's managed to sow discord across much of eastern Ukraine, without moving its military across the border. But why? Figuring that out will say a lot about how far the conflict goes. Meanwhile, attorneys at the military tribunals for accused terrorists in Guantanamo Bay say they are being spied on. That and more, in today's Global Scan.



LeBron fails to bring the heat

The 2010 Miami Heat, fronted by the all-star trifecta of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, were trounced by the Boston Celtics, 88-80. WLRN host Phil Latzman says Miami fans have great expectations of the Heat's new lineup.


Tropical storm Tomas heads toward Haiti

Haitians officials have issued a hurricane warning as Tropical Storm Tomas barrels towards the beleaguered nation. Elysia Nisan, an aid worker for Save the Children, and Jacqueline Charles of The Miami Herald join us from Miami.