Mexico City


This apartment may be the best place to hear live music in Mexico City

Every Monday night, David Aguilar hosts concerts by other Latin American artists that he meets on the road — people like Grammy-winner Juan Pablo Vega of Colombia or Grammy nominee Ulises Hadjis of Venezuela. Artists like these usually play for thousands of people. Here, they play for however many can squeeze into Aguilar’s apartment


Mexico's Simmering Civil War

The violence in Mexico has increased in response to President Calderón's efforts to crackdown on drug-related crime. For more of the story The Takeaway turns to Ioan Grillo, Time Magazine's reporter in Mexico City.

Drug violence escalate in Mexico

We talk to two guests who describe extra-judicial attempts to fight the Mexican drug cartels, as people turn to vigilante justice to protect themselves. Both journalists speak about the ongoing violence and attempts to hold it back.