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If you get a robocall in Mandarin, just hang up

More than 30 Chinese immigrants in New York say they have been the victims of a Chinese robocall scam. A local councilor suspects the number is much higher. The NYPD estimates $3 million has been stolen since December.


Oscars' #MeToo dilemma

The job of policing accusations against filmmakers, agents and actors among the academy's members has proved slow and difficult.


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Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz - what time is it in Mecca, Saudia Arabia when it's noon time in Los Angeles - is 10pm. The BBC's Arab Affairs Analyst, Magdi Abdelhadi reports that some Muslims want to replace Greenwich Mean Time with Mecca Time.

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Miles Davis and India

The World's Marco Werman introduces us to "Miles from India," a musical collaboration between jazz musicians from the United States and India that was inspired by the music of the late Miles Davis.

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Global Hit: Ersi Arvizu

Ersi Arvizu boxed, sang, and sometimes boxed and sang in the same venue. She gave both up for a while. But now she's singing again... thanks in part to Ry Cooder. Anchor Marco Werman has today's Global Hit.

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Global Hit

Remember the 1986 film 'The Fly,' by David Cronenberg? Or the 1958 original, with Vincent Price? Well, now "The Fly" has landed on stage in Paris . . . as an opera. The World's Gerry Hadden caught a performance.