Global Politics

Finding a home for Africom

The World's Katy Clark reports that the Bush Administration has made slow progress when it comes to Africom -- a US military command for Africa that's aimed at promoting development and security on the continent

Arts, Culture & Media

Rare violin repair 1:50:

Virtuoso violinist David Garrett fell down a flight of stairs while carrying his instrument after a performance, he was fine, but Anchor Marco Werman reports on the repairs necessary to fix his rare violin.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global hit - Akram Khan

The World's Mary Kay Magistad introduces us to modern dance choreographer Akram Khan. He grew up in London, but his parents kept him in touch with his Bangladeshi roots. His latest piece examines the meaning of home in a globalized world.

Arts, Culture & Media

Global hit A Hawk and a Hacksaw

The musical group, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, hail from Albuquerque. They play Hungarian and Romanian music. Recently, they performed as the house band at a Romanian restaurant in London. The World's Hugo Boothby caught up with them there.

Global Hit Bishi

The World's Andrea Smardon profiles a rising star in London's underground music scene...the multi-faceted performer Bishi.