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Damaged homes are the focus of Alison Elizabeth Taylor's show at New York's James Cohan Gallery, called 'Foreclosed.' Her pictures show the frustration and rage that homeowners took out on their repossessed houses. From Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen.


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Las Vegas maids are taking on The Strip's hottest hotel

Nevada's unemployment rate peaked during the Great Recession at 14 percent. A lot of people looking for work were immigrants: the maids, line cooks, and blackjack dealers who keep the Nevada tourism industry afloat. Now with the Nevada economy picking up, many of those workers want more job security and better pay. They want to be in a union. But it’s not coming easy for some.


Photographers look for 'the poetry of death and dying in America'

Rituals surrounding death vary from place to place, and even from community to community within the smallest of towns. Bastienne Schmidt and Philippe Cheng traveled across the US to photograph the wide range of those rituals and what they can show us about the people and places that created them.