'For less than a dollar, you can [buy] a liter of acid and basically destroy someone's life'

Almost 10 years ago, a young Pakistani woman was held down by her mother-in-law while her husband and father-in-law threw acid on her. Some 150 operations later, Bushra Shafi is working as a beautician in a hair salon in Lahore, started by a hairdresser who was moved to help victims of acid attacks when one of them came into her salon and asked simply: "Can you make me beautiful again?"


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Global hit

The World's Aaron Schachter recently met Pakistani singer Arieb Azhar. Azhar is not your typical Sufi singer. This vodka-drinking, bandana-wearing singer is breaking down barriers in Pakistan.

Update on the attacks in Pakistan

Yesterday's strike in Lahore, Pakistan demonstrated once again the militants' ability to reach deep into the Pakistani heartland. Urmila Venugopalan, Asia Editor at Jane's Information Group, joins us with an analysis.

Violence in Pakistan

For more on the recent violence in Pakistan, we turn to Rob Watson, defense correspondent for the BBC World Service, who is following the story.