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Japan's Pachinko Addiction

Pachinko, a Japanese game that resembles a cross between pinball and a slot machine, is huge business. Sam Harnett reports on how the industry's success depends on straddling the line between gaming and gambling.


UN Climate Secretariat meets with renewed sense of urgency

In recent climate change negotiations, very little progress was made because of conflicts between the largest emitting countries. But with devastating storms, linked broadly to changes in climate, increasing across all corners of the globe, the least developed countries are growing louder in their demands for immediate action.


Canada emerging as a nearby energy giant

Canada is emerging as the largest supplier of energy to the United States. It's electricity, natural gas and oil are all being shipped to America, but environmentalists there and here say it's coming with a hefty price tag.


Global Forecast: Stormy Weather

The news about climate change comes rather like snowflakes in a blizzard-from all directions at once, and accumulating in such overwhelming amounts and impact that it can be hard to know where to start digging out [...]