One of Ukraine's cultural ambassadors could be drafted at any time

The members of the Ukrainian band DakhaBrakha are perhaps the country's best known cultural ambassadors. They've played Coachella and Bonnaroo and have sung to thousands in their native language. Marko Galanevych is the only male member of the band and knows he could be drafted into Ukraine's army at any time.


Documentary film 'The Other Chelsea' depicts Ukraine's poor, corrupt side

In the Ukraine, politicians admit that the courts only protect the people in power. Lose an election and you could go to jail. That's just one of the more surprising revelations in a new documentary that examines life in Ukraine through the lens of its successful and popular soccer team, Chelsea, which plays in Donetsk.

Ukrainian Sleeping Beauty art exhibit seeks to awaken political slumber

Ukraine is in turmoil as political opposition is silenced. One artist chose to illustrate that turmoil, or waiting, with a unique art exhibition that involves women serving in the role of Sleeping Beauties, waiting for the right man to kiss them. If they open their eyes, they agree to marry the man who kissed them.

Global Scan

Mandela's shadow fell over the US a decade ago

Nelson Mandela once accused the US of "unspeakable atrocities." We also recall that Ethiopia was Mandela's training ground for guerrilla war. Plus, who would have thought that thieves flew business class? All that and more, in today's Global Scan.