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Pakistan military base attack over

Pakistani troops have ended a siege by militants who attacked a naval base in the city of Karachi. The Pakistani Taliban says the raid was to avenge Osama Bin Laden's killing by US special forces on May 2. Madiha Tahir reports from Karachi.

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What did Pakistan know?

Pakistanis are now debating what authorities really knew about Osama bin Laden's whereabouts. The army claims not to have known that most wanted terrorist was living a half mile from Pakistan's main military academy. Madiha Tahir reports from Karachi.

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Many in Pakistan suspicious of US

Pakistan has described the killing of Osama Bin Laden as a major setback for terrorist organizations...Madiha Tahir reports that there is also a great deal of suspicion in Pakistan about the US and its motives.


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In Pakistan, no one admits to being a Burger

Pakistan's history with fast-food isn't as long as in other parts of the world. And for a long while, it was too expensive for average Pakistanis. So to most Pakistanis, people who could eat fast food burgers were the rich and wealthy. And suddenly, the rich and wealthy were being called Burgers themselves.