Lifestyle & Belief

Salsa night in Kandahar

At the sprawling US military Kandahar Airfield, in Southern Afghanistan, there are many ways to entertain oneself on a year-long deployment, including Salsa night. That's every Saturday. Correspondent Ben Gilbert has a report from Kandahar.

Conflict & Justice

Training the Afghan armed forces

The Americans want to turn over security to Afghan forces by 2014. To do that, the US will have to train enough Afghan recruits to do the job. The World's Ben Gilbert was recently embedded with US and Afghan troops in Kandahar.

Conflict & Justice

An Afghan government offensive

Senior Obama Administration officials have indicated that 2014 is the key date for handing over responsibility to Afghan security forces. Ben Gilbert reports that the march toward those goals has really just begun and there's a long way to go.

Conflict & Justice

Kandahar campaign in final stages'

US military commanders have said the Kandahar campaign is in its final stages, and the debate over the success of the campaign has already begun. But troops on the ground are withholding their verdict. Ben Gilbert reports.