Lifestyle & Belief

Salsa night in Kandahar

At the sprawling US military Kandahar Airfield, in Southern Afghanistan, there are many ways to entertain oneself on a year-long deployment, including Salsa night. That's every Saturday. Correspondent Ben Gilbert has a report from Kandahar.

Tensions along Afghan-Pakistan border

Afghan president Hamid Karzai has threatened to send troops into neighboring Pakistan because militants from Pakistan have been making cross-border raids; Anchor Lisa Mullins gets more from The World's Quil Lawrence who's in Kabul.

Global Politics

Afghan Polls to Delay Close

Afghan authorities are keeping the polls open for an extra hour to allow more people to vote during the presidential election. The Takeaway talks to Sarah Chayes, advisor to Stanley McChrystal, and Charlie Sennott, executive editor of GlobalPost.