In land where Jesus was born, a new refusal to turn the other cheek

A majority of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip support violence against Israelis, want to abandon the Oslo Accords, have little or no faith in their own government, and no longer believe in a two-state solution with Israel. About half of Palestinians think a new armed intifada would serve their national interests better than negotiations.


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Hillary Clinton in Jerusalem

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Israeli leaders in Jerusalem today. Clinton stressed that Israel could count on continued support from the US, but also said the Obama Administration will work hard towards an independent Palestinian state.

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Israel's third temple movement

Two thousand years ago, the second temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. Now some Jews in Israel today say it's time to rebuild the temple. Problem is� they want to rebuild it on the location of Islam's holiest site in Jerusalem. Linda Gradstein reports.