Bombings Rock Jakarta

A series of explosions killed nine people and injured 48 more in Jakarta, Indonesia. Joining The Takeaway from Jakarta with more of the story is Daniel Ziv, a filmmaker and author.

Update on the Bombings in Jakarta

Two bomb blasts rocked the central business district of Jakarta, Indonesia, killing eight people and injuring dozens more. Jim Della-Giacoma, South East Asia Project Director in Jakarta for the International Crisis Group, joins The Takeaway with more.


Surviving the tsunami

Four years ago, a deadly tsunami struck Indonesia, killing more than 200,000 people. Hardest hit was the province of Aceh. Reporter Jocelyn Ford revisits the area and updates us on what life is like today, especially for one survivor.


Geo quiz and answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is located on the north coast of New Guinea. Jayapura is the capital of the Indonesian province of Papua. Anchor Marco Werman hears from journalist Danna Harman, who recently returned from a trek deep into Papua's rainforests.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Jakarta report

Indonesians are struggling to pay for basic food items and although the government is trying to control prices, the effort is not easing the pain for Indonesia's poor, as Rebecca Henschke reports from Jakarta.