The Bomb saved my mom

When the first of the two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, Marco Werman's mother was in a WWII prison camp in Indonesia. And, were it not for the bombs, his mom might not have survived the camp.

Global Scan

Welcome to Sochi?

The winter Olympics in Sochi are just three weeks away, and things are starting to fall into place — including a host of new events. Plus a new beer made from whale meal in Iceland and a bet that cost two men an ear in Siberia in today's Global Scan.

Where the Forest Ends

Forty million people live in and near Indonesia's carbon-rich forests and peatlands, and while their lives are tied to the land, they often have little say in what happens to it. In Teluk Kabung, Riau province, decisions made in the capital Jakarta have helped wipe out the natural forest surrounding the village, destroying its coconut-based economy, and pushing the endangered Sumatran tiger closer to people.