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These Turks would rather leave their country than continue living under Erdoğan


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan won victory in landmark elections that could hand him near-unchecked power. Erdoğan has overseen a major crackdown on dissent and the press since a failed coup in July 2016 and many Turks told PRI they'd rather leave their country than continue living under a ruler they say has grown increasingly authoritarian.



Muslim scholars and leaders recently gathered in Istanbul to discuss and approve a 7-year action plan to address climate change, which includes plans for sustainable Muslim cities, reduced fossil fuel consumption, and a green Hajj.

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Mehmet Ertegun and jazz

Bruce Wallace reports on concerts being hosted by the Turkish Embassy in DC. They commemorate a series of ground-breaking concerts organized in the 1930's by the sons of Ambassador Mehmet Ertegun. Ahmet Ertegun went on to form Atlantic Records.