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US welcomes result of Turkish referendum

The US has welcomed the result of the Turkish constitutional referendum. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said the result meant the country had 'crossed a historic threshold toward advanced democracy and the supremacy of law'. Matthew Brunwasser reports.

Business, Economics and Jobs

African Nations Cup in Istanbul

Istanbul is still basking as the host of the recent International Basketball Federation tournament. Now, Istanbul's African residents organized the African Nations Cup. Matthew Brunwasser sent us this report from the Ferikoy soccer stadium in Istanbul.

Global Politics

Turkish immigrants leaving Germany

Third-generation immigrants, born and raised in Germany, are still considered foreigners. That's prompted many Turks to leave Germany for a country they've never lived in. Matthew Brunwasser reports from Istanbul.

Conflict & Justice

Turkish gays and the military

Military service is mandatory in Turkey, and its policy on homosexuals serving in the military is that Turkey's armed forces consider gays ineligible to serve. From Istanbul, Matthew Brunwasser reports on Turkey's policy of 'will ask, must tell.'