Quake: 'Then it Kept Going and Got Worse'

Erin Sharpe shares how it felt to experience the earthquake that rattled Japan. The BBC's Tomi Sucipto explains the relief in Indonesia as the tsunami warning was lifted. Sadia Kaenzig from Geneva's International Red Cross also joins us.

Arts, Culture & Media

Zero emissions race

You need a pretty big battery to drive an electric car for hundreds of miles a day. That's what participants in the 'Zero Emissions Race' did. The race began last August and ended today in a Swiss city that we want you to name…

Conflict & Justice

UN to probe Libya's attacks on protesters

The UN high commissioner for human rights has called for an investigation into the attacks on the protesters in Libya. They could amount to crimes against humanity. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Mona Rishmawi, the commission's chief lawyer, from Geneva.


Global Politics

Talks with Iran fail, for the moment

US Secretary of State John Kerry flew to Geneva over the weekend when a deal over Iran's nuclear program seemed imminent. But the negotiations came up short, leaving ordinary Iranians still struggling under international sanctions.