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Hamas Puts Hebrew in the Curriculum

Hamas rejects Israel's right to exist. So, it might come as a surprise to hear that Hamas-run schools in Gaza have started offering Hebrew language classes. Government-run schools in Gaza put the main language of the Jewish State on the curriculum.


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Palestinian boy's gift for music

Nine-year-old Mahmoud Kohail lives in Gaza City. Like many children who lived through the conflict with Israel, he suffers from PTSD, but not when he performs. In the Global Hit Mahmoud guides The World's Matthew Bell through his music school in Gaza.

Conflict & Justice

Egypt and the Palestinians

For years the Arab world was inspired by scenes of the Palestinian intifada. But now many in the West Bank say it's unlikely that Palestinians will be inspired to protest by the waves of unrest sweeping the Arab world. Daniel Estrin reports from Ramallah.

Global Politics

Latest from Gaza

With increasing violence between Israel and Hamas, there is currently no end in sight. For the latest on the situation unfolding in the Gaza Strip, The Takeaway talks to New York Times Correspondent Ethan Bronner.

Violence continues in Gaza

Today is the third day of Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip in response to regular rocket attacks by Hamas. For the latest on the situation in Gaza we turn to Taghreed El-Khodary, who is reporting from Gaza for our partner the New York Times.

Egypt will not open border crossing into Gaza

In a speech today, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak said his country will not fully open the border crossing into Gaza. He said that it will remain that way until the Palestinian Authority is in control of the border post.

Global Politics

Washington continues to support Israel

As Israel continues its ground offensive in Gaza, there is increasing speculation that they timed their actions against Hamas to benefit from the last few days of the Bush administration. Scott Shane, a reporter for the New York Times, explains.