Emerging from the spectre of Ebola

The number of infected in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea is less than seven times what it was in February. As a result, people are feeling freer to leave their homes and go back to normal life. But some experts worry that with comfort comes complacency.


Verdict expected this week in war crimes trial of Liberia's Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor, the one-time president of Liberia who insists he had close ties to the U.S. intelligence services, will find out this week whether he will spend the rest of his life in prison. Taylor is accused of financing and arming rebels in neighboring Sierra Leone, encouraging and abetting their war atrocities.

Women in Sierra Leone face high barriers to participation in politics

Women in Sierra Leone are trying to get more involved in the country's politics but they're being stymied by a political system and a culture that advantages men. And while a major party candidate has selected a woman as his running mate, his party has still put just 10 women on their ballot. Some 38 women in total are running, compared to 548 men.