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If there are no gays, Mr. Mayor, why the gay bars?

The Winter Oylmpics are just days away and people are still considering how Russia's social and political situation will influence the games. In Sochi, where the games are being held, the town's mayor asserted that gay people are welcome at the games, provided they follow the country's strict laws, but they won't find any local gay people. That claim was quickly disproven. That story and more in today's Global Scan.


The Swell Season

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova turned their serendipitous meeting, love story, and music making in Dublin into the movie "Once." They even won an Oscar for their songwriting. No longer together romantically, they still collaborate musically.

Conflict & Justice

New Rules for Dublin Buskers

Buskers or street musicians have to follow a new set of rules if they want to play on the streets of Dublin, Ireland. The city requires that anyone busking has to be able to play at least 20 songs and they can't monopolize the same corner.