Oh, Donetsk airport, I knew you when

She remembers the Donetsk airport when it was a sad Soviet-era fixture. And when it was transformed, reimagined, for a 2012 European soccer tourney. Now it is rubble in fighting in eastern Ukraine, and she realizes " how little time it takes to destroy something which has been so painstakingly built."


Documentary film 'The Other Chelsea' depicts Ukraine's poor, corrupt side

In the Ukraine, politicians admit that the courts only protect the people in power. Lose an election and you could go to jail. That's just one of the more surprising revelations in a new documentary that examines life in Ukraine through the lens of its successful and popular soccer team, Chelsea, which plays in Donetsk.

Conflict & Justice

Ukraine loses control of its key eastern region

Pro-Russian militants appear to be consolidating their control over towns and cities across the Ukrainian province of Donetsk. Threats of Ukrainian military action failed to materialize. Ukraine says Russia is behind the unrest, and says Moscow has sent in troops without insignia, just as they did in Crimea last month.

Conflict & Justice

Tensions are high in eastern Ukraine as pro-Russian gunmen remain defiant

No one says they want war in Ukraine. But just look on the ground, in the country's east especially, where tensions keep rising. Ukrainian troops have been deployed in the east to recapture areas seized by pro-Russia separatists. But in one town, they were blocked by civilians -- and even appeared to lose some of their armored vehicles to the other side. And in the regional capital, Donetsk, pro-Russia gunmen took over the mayor's office.