Qatar's migrant workers are abused — but the country's leaders may use unfair media criticism to deflect efforts to help them


The focus on Qatar's abuse of its migrants has been among the fallout from FIFA bribery scandal and the soccer body's improbable decision to award the tiny nation the World Cup in 2022. Yet inaccuracies in reporting give the government cover to attack errors instead of the issue — and frustrate change, say several young Qataris.


No Waves of Hope

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) recently failed to pass important protections for marine wildlife.

Hope for UN Climate Talks

The 2012 U.N. Climate Change Conference- Nations from around the world will meet in Doha, Qatar for the 18th U.N. Climate Change Conference at the end of this month amid signs the EU will continue the Kyoto Protocol.