Three students slain in Bangladesh attacks shared ties in the US

Bengali American Sultana Begum knew the two Emory University students, and one UC-Berkeley student, who were killed by militants in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She says the Bengali presence at Emory is small, but representative of a diaspora with strong cultural and family ties to Bangladesh. And she worries that the secular quality of their country is being threatened.


In Bangladesh, a same-sex marriage might see the couple sent to jail

In 2013, a traditional marriage ceremony took place at the Hindu temple in Pirojpur, Bangladesh, just as has been happening for hundreds of years. The only problem was that both people getting married were women and same-sex marriage is not accepted in Bangladesh. Now, instead of finding happiness, one of the brides is facing criminal charges — accused of abduction.


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Dangerous Highway

The Geo Quiz is all about road safety this time or the lack thereof. The Bangladeshi city we're looking for is home to an infamous highway: it's considered one of the world's most dangerous.