Conflict & Justice

Denver-New York terror case grows

The Department of Justice indicted Najibullah Zazi, a 24-year-old Afghan living in Denver, on conspiracy charges related to an alleged bomb plot intended for the New York City subway system. We talk with reporters and a former federal prosecutor.

New York-Denver terror investigation widens

The investigation into a possible bomb plot involving three men in New York and Denver is reportedly widening. We discuss how best to secure a large American city and whether local and federal authorities are working together effectively.

Three arrests in cross country terror probe

Late Saturday, the FBI made three arrests in New York City and Denver, Colorado, that they say were connected to an ongoing terror probe. We talk this morning with two reporters currently covering this story.

Conflict & Justice

Hollering, American-Style

In town hall meetings across the country, high emotions have been getting more attention than health care reform. To understand the habit of yelling, The Takeaway talks to Philip Dalton, Hofstra University professor of speech and communications.