As New Delhi’s pollution crisis persists, so do widespread public denial and complacency

In early November, there was no escaping the fact New Delhi was facing a public health crisis. The city’s Air Quality Index, by some readings, soared as high as the maximum, 999. Schools were closed, questions of governmental competency were raised and high-level meetings were convened. Conditions have improved, but remain far from healthy. But you wouldn’t know it by observing daily life.


Indian college women push back against curfews

Indian colleges and universities worried about attacks against their female students have imposed curfews to keep them from leaving their dorms at night. But the students are pushing back with a campaign called "Pinjra Tod," which means "break the cage."


Captain America is a Sikh. You got a problem with that?

Turbaned and proud. That's Vishavjit Singh who responded to the hate directed at him after 9/11 by drawing political cartoons about being Sikh in America. Then he got really bold and dressed up as Captain America and took to the streets of New York City.