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In My Experience: Betty White

We've been sitting down with older Americans, long past retirement age, who are nonetheless still working in a series called "In My Experience." Today, our guest is comedian, movie star, and seven-time Emmy award winning TV legend Betty White.

High Tech Trash

Is Big Brother about to delve into your trash bin? The City of Cleveland is rolling out an ID system for its trash containers. Those who don't recycle will be fined.


Arts, Culture & Media

Geo Quiz and Answer

For today's Geo Quiz, we asked the distance across the Atlantic from Senegal to Guyana. The answer is 3,038 miles. Katie Spotz from Cleveland, Ohio knows this. She became the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean...


Catch a Fire: The Cuyahoga River Lit Up

Forty years ago, the Cuyahoga River, riddled with pollution, burned for 30 minutes. How far has the river's environment come since then? Dan Moulthrop, host of the Sound of Ideas on WCPN in Cleveland, joins The Takeaway from the Cuyahoga to consider this.