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Brett Morgen

Writer-director Brett Morgen talks to Faith about the riots at the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention and his new documentary film, "Chicago 10."

Alex Kotlowitz & Tim White

Writer Alex Kotlowitz and former gang member Tim White talk about CeaseFire, an organization that sends former gang leaders into the streets of Chicago to try and prevent retaliatory acts of violence.

Global Hit

Global Hit - Complaints Choirs

The World's Patrick Cox update us on a cultural phenomenon that began in Europe but has now gone global. People from Finland to Singapore are getting together to form "Complaints Choirs."

Global Hit

Global Hit - FunAsia

Bill Zeeble reports on FunAsia -- a chain of multi-plex theaters in Texas that specializes in Bollywood movies from India. The chain caters to North Texas's large South Asian community, offering patrons more than just films. There's food and music, too.

Conflict & Justice

Website promotes peace in Kenya

The World's Clark Boyd reports on �I have no,� a website run by a Kenyan living in the United States; its founder said he started it to promote peace among members of Kenya's various ethnic groups.

Global Politics

Re-create '68

Kirk Siegler of station KUNC reports that a group of anti-war activists is organizing protests at the Democratic Convention in Denver this summer, and the activists hope to re-create the spirit of the protests