Venezuela's 4 cents a gallon gas is set for a major hike

Venezuela is suffering through the world's highest inflation and rampant shortages of consumer goods, like milk, sugar, toilet paper — even condoms. But one thing Venezuela does have a lot of is oil. And thanks to government subsidies, it also has the cheapest gasoline in the world. But maybe not for much longer.

Global Scan

Pakistan says it has captured the men who shot Malala in 2012

When Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head two years ago, the Taliban in Pakistan claimed responsibility. On Friday, the Pakistan army said it had caught a gang of 10 men behind the attack. Elsewhere in Pakistan, a new branch of al-Qaeda seems to have bungled its first attack, but wants the press coverage anyway. And a 45-story skyscraper of squatters is being cleared in Venezuela, all in this weekend's Global Scan.